Monday, June 20, 2011

A Thank You!

Hey There!

So I was just looking through my Stats and realized that the main way that people find my blog is through one of my friends blogs. The dear Stainy with her blog Alicious. ♥
Crazy, innit? 

But Thank You very much Stains for all the visits you bring to my blog ^___^

And if you're here you probably already know her blog, but if you don't go check it out.

Love & Cupcakes
Purple ♥

Hair Changes!

Hey There :3

So I thought I'd do an update about my hair and the different cuts and colours I've had :b Enjoy!

(click the pictures to enlarge them)

First of all my natural haircolour is a darkish brown (picture), and my hair used to be really healthy but I didn't really have any interesting cut at all.. just long hair with a parting in the middle, no fringe, layers or anything. So, pretty boring. :b

I decided to dye my hair for the first time when I was 14. I was in some weird wannabe emo like phase and decided that black hair, sideparting and sidefringe would be awesome ;) I loved it back then, but today I think it looks a bit weird since I had no volume at all in my hair, so my hair was just completely flat! But well ^^- Kept that hairstyle for a long time!!

Then after some time I got tired of the only black and decided to get red streaks in it, just to add some colour. I didn't want to get completely rid of the black, but I thought that a little colour would be nice. I REALLY liked how it turned out but the red bleached out incredibly fast and ended up being some weird blonde/carrotcolour that looked rather stupid.

Then I went back to the only black, with same hairstyle for quite some time again. Then I started watching Navy CIS and I completely fell in love with Abby's Hair ♥ and decided I wanted a straight fringe as well and I loved the result!

Had that for a bit more than half a year then went back to side fringe and then back to the straight fringe again. I like to change between those two after about half a year. When I grow tired of it and want change. I think both styles suit me and I like to have those two styles to change between.

And theeeen I grew tired of le black again^^ and decided to start dyeing a Reddish/Purpleish Colour, but I did not want to bleach, because I'm afraid to ruin my hair more than necessary so the dye would only hold on to my roots. So for the past few months I've dyed my hair that colour three times so the upper part of my hair has a reddish colour while the rest is stil more or less black. I don't think it looks that bad actually it's just a bit odd change in the colour ^^-
(picture is from after the first time of dyeing so it's more hair that's red now)

And right atm I'm growing out my straight fringe again. I always hate that process when the hair reaches annoying lenghts and  just generally is in you eyes all the time. But as long as you stock up on hairbands and pins it'll be fine :b Atm my fringe is just around the tip of my nose, I havn't cut it for about two months. And it has finally reached a length where I can do 'the sidesweep' without it looking completely ridiculous, but it's still cut like a straight fringe so it looks very 'heavy'

And now I'll try to get an appointment at the hairdresser somewhen next week. Changes to be done: Get my fringe cut to a side fringe again and dye it blue. Yes, I want blue hair and I've wanted for ages!! Not a bright blue but a beautiful dark blue and I have finally found a hairdresser here in town where they have all haircolours, which is awesome! I hope it'll turn out good and I'll keep you updated :)

And that's it. Hope you liked this post even though it turned out pretty long.

Love & Cupcakes
Purple ♥

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Half Year Resolutions!

Hey There!

So I've made some Half Year Resolutions! I know usually you make New Years Resolutions... but I never seem to be able to keep them ><
But today I've made some Half Year Resolutions for me and I don't want to try to keep them the rest of the year but first of all until after the summerholidays!

1. - Eat Healthier/Start Losing Weight Again!
Yeees, I know this is the typical one... But yeah.. I had started losing a lot of weight and was really happy with it but it kinda stopped and my weight is slowly starting to go in the wrong direction again ): but now I'm starting a cabbagesoup-diet (right words?). Just to get my tummy used to eating less again, since I can eat an awful lot XD yeah that's what I'm gonna do for two weeks now. in the first week I'll eat the soup instead of another meal a day and next week I'll only eat the soup.. and after that I'll go back to my old diet where I still eat everything I want, only less of it. That's the diet that works for me, I've used it before and lost a lot of weight that way, though I'm sure it won't work for everyone. (All this plus I'm exercising, so I've got my hopes up XD)
And no, I don't want to be skinny or something, just loose some wieght to get healthier, also because I'm still overweight and I'd like to loose a bit more weight just to feel more comfortable with myself. And eating healthy is always a good thing! :D

2. - Start Being More Serious About School!
I know I said this was only until after the summer holidays but this is a general problem for me. I'm lazy as fuck when it comes to school things... >< but I'll have to change that next year, because most part of my grades might not be bad... but there are three subjects (Math, Biology, Chemistry) that I really suck in and where my grades are very low, so I'll have to shape up and get the grades better if I want to graduate in two years. The next two years will count in my graduation diploma so I'll have to get the grades at least a bit better. But enough about this!

3. - Find A Sport I Want To Do Regularly!
I have thought of bellydancing! Wanted to for aaages! :D and I'm doing yoga at the moment, but the course is over in two weeks, might should find another course to keep it up, 'cause I actually like it. And I am running a few times a week so it's just as much for the fun of it :D

4. - Learn To Sew!
I REALLY want to learn how to sew! At least the basic stuff so I can add my own alterations to my clothes. Since there aren't many stores around here where I can actually get the kind of clothes I'd like to wear it'd be a lot cheaper to learn to alter my clothes into something I'd like to wear instead of only buying stuff over the internet. So either I'll have to put myself infront of our sewing maching and just try myself or I'll look for a course. I know where to find one in my city so that's not the problem, but I'll have to see about that :D

And that's it!! I hope I'll be able to keep these resolutions, I really do!!

Love & Cupcakes (or Cabbagesoup?)

I'm Back! (Update)

Hey There!

Ow, my poor and VERY neglected blog! Havn't updated for such a long time >< But suddenly I felt inspired and motivated to do some updates again, so you can expect a few updates in the next time. YaaaY! :D

This is just a general little update on what has been going on in my life lately.

So yeah, where to start.. mmhmh.

Well, first of all - School. Nothing much changing there. I'm still being lazy as fuck but most of my grades looks like they're gonna be good.. except for math, chemistry and biology. I'm really bad at those subjects and I'm actually not trying to hide how much I actually hate those subjects xD But I've started taking extra lessons in Chemistry and maybe I'll also start with extra lessons in the other subjects too.

Other than that the past few weeks have been uber social for me. I've spent so much time with people that I really enjoy every minute I have for myself. A few of my friends have just graduated and of course I want to spend a lot of time with them before they leave after the summerholidays. Especially one of my very good friends is leaving for copenhagen in a few month, so I'm enjoying every minute with her. Damn I want to graduate too!! I want to finish school NOW! Still have two years to go though >< But I think I'm slowly figuring out what I want to do after I graduate. First of all I want to take a year off and travel around the world and maye take some months on a Højskole (a kind of school you can go to in Denmark, for some months to learn something about one specific subject) and after that I think I'll study English.. and I don't know what more or what I want to do with that. But languages is my strong side and especially English! I've also thought about Finnish or Dutch, since that's both languages I actually really want to learn. But I'll have to see about that ^^; Still have time, aye?! :b

Oh, and two days ago I got the package from PunkChyaz's giveaway! I still can't believe that I've won! I don't join many giveaways and then I actually win one!! I'm soo happy! :D
Here's a picture I took when the package arrived here two days ago!
What I've won:
- Two pairs of amazing Fake Lashes
- An amazing purse with blue skulls on it
- A little mirror with candydesign
- A Lip Moisturiser
- Brighton Rock (candy)
- A cute little note for me ^__^

I havn't tried the lashes yet, but they look absolutely amazing!  I have been using the purse already, I love it and even got compliments for it and the lip moisturiser is actually really good too!! :D

Other than that summer holiday is coming up soon!! I have so many plans and actually not much time where I am only at home, but it's gonna be so great. I'm gonna travel a lot and I'm looking so much forward to it!  I really want to get away from here! I mean.. I love my city, my friends and everything here, but I just need to get away for some time :)

Yeah, and I guess that's it for this update. So expect a few updates coming up soon, and other than that, enjoy the summer and the good weather!

Love & Cupcakes

Friday, April 29, 2011

It's All About: Dresses

Ohai Everyone!

I just bought a new dress a few days ago and I thought I'd make a blogentry about dresses.
I love wearing dresses, they make me feel feminine and pretty.

(I'm sorry for webcam quality)

I bought this cute dress a few weeks ago. It's suuuper comfy, since it's the same kind of fabric that's used for t-shirts.
It is kinda short but I don't think it's that bad. I still wear it for everyday use. I can't wait for summer, since I think it's a great summerdress.
It's actually dark blue and red. I know that it looks like it's black in the picture but it's not. Dark Blue! ;b

Bought at: Cyroline

I have posted this picture before :3
This is my favorite dress to wear for everyday. It's very light and I love the colours. It's comfy and and and pretty.

Bought at: H&M

This is my newest dress <3 bought it a few days ago.
It's the first time in years I've bought some kind of clothing that's white o.o and then there's dark blueish flowerprint on it. (I don't think the picture really shows the print). It's not really for everyday but for parties and stuff. It's strapless so I have to find something for my shoulders, but I do have a little bolero thingie. So that'll be fine! :D

Bought at: H&M

Yay, for family shot xD but that's the only picture I actually have, where you can see the dress.
but well. I've had this dress for years... bought it once with my sister. It's a short summery dress with this lovely colourful collarpiece-thingy. I don't know what it's called in english but just look at the picture. (click to enlarge)

Bought at: H&M

Oh yeah, my gothic lolita-ish dress. I got this dress for christmas. It's a bit too big even thuogh it's actually custom made. And I never really have opportunity to wear it actually :(
It's such a beautiful dress though!

Bought at: Fan Plus Friend (online)

So yeah. This is basically all my dresses. (I have two or three more but I don't like them/don't wear them).
I just realized that most of my dresses are from H&M xD Well, their stuff is really good so yeah :3
But well. That's it. ^^

Good Night Everyone.

Love and Cupcakes

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Scotland! ♥

Hello Everyone.

Aaw, my poor neglected blog D: A lot to do, not much to blog about.
But I'm back! :)

So yeah.. Easter was so awesome! As I mentioned earlier I was going to Scotland and it was soo epic!
We were just chilling at Phoe's home most of the time, having fun and doing what we're best at: Being Awesome! :D
It was great to see all those lovely people again (or for a few of them, for the first time) and we had loads of fun. I miss them all already. I am all cuddle deprived xD Really, so many cuddly and huggable people!
I'll just post some pictures to show you some of it.

First of all, a girls shot. ♥

Chilling at a playground :3

Again at the playground ^^ 

Not the best picture of one of our many cuddlepuddles XD

Me and Death ♥ I actually love this picture.

I could post a loooot more pictures, but then this would be a huuuge post. But anywhoo.. Thank you guys for the most awesome times I've had for a loooong time. You are all too awesome! 

Love & Cuddles

Thursday, March 31, 2011

School, New Lipstick and Travelling!

Ohai There.

Okay, I know I've been neglecting my blog a lot lately, but I don't feel like I've got anything to blog about D: 
But eh, I'll just give you an Update about what's been going on lately. 
School has really been killing me lately. As some of you might know we don't have any breaks between christmas holiday and easter so I'm growing pretty tired of the school routine now. And not only me, but also the rest of my class and a lot of my teachers. Which means I'm often going to school just to have boring lessons with unmotivated teachers and I keep wondering why I'm there at all. 
And there's exams again... I already got some of them back. (Top point is 15) Danish: 14, English: 13, Math: 6 and our Science Project: 8. All in All I'm pretty happy with the grades. Today I wrote music exam and I think it went well :) 
Still have Biology, Chemistry, Sociology and the second English exam to go. Bio and Chem before easter and the others in May. 

And I've been expanding network of friends lately. I've started spending a lot of time with a group of people from the graduating class from my school. It's really a shame that I've first started spending time with them now, that they're leaving after the summer holidays. But we've got so much fun and good times together that right now I'm just enjoying the time they're still here :)

Today has been a both boring and all in all not very good day. And the best thing when you're feeling worn out and down (at least to me) is to pamper yourself with buying something you've wanted for a long time. It makes me feel good and like I've "accomplished" something. Silly and kinda Materialistic yeah. But whatever it makes me feel good ;b
So today I bought a lipstick that I've wanted for a long time. You probably already know that I've got a huuugee amount of make up for especially eyes. Eyeshadows, eyeliners, glitters etc. But I only have two lipsticks, one very bright red and one black, that I only use for dressup. 
So today a bought a lipstick that I've wanted for a looong time. I had the tester of it and I'm sooo in love with it. It's from Shiseido's collection Shimmering Rouge and the lipstick is called Iron Maiden (RS 308) 
And here it is:
Ain't it just lovely? ♥

And now to the Travelling part! :D 
So, tomorrow I'm going to Copenhagen to one of my very good friends' 18th birthday :D YaY. It's gonna be so awesome. And I love being in Copenhagen. It's such a lovely city!
Next weekend I'm going to Århus to one of my other very good friends' 18th birthday :D More YaY. I havn't seen her for ages so it's gonna be so great to see her again :3
Aaaand then... I'll be going to Scotland! To SURPISE another friends' 18th birthday xDD  Yay for a lot of 18th birthdays :b But the great part about going to Scotland is that I'll meet a lot of my international friends. It's gonna be great! 

Oh and now that we're are at the birthday's then my best friend is turning 17 in a few weeks. While I'm in Scotland. Which is shit. ): But I'm gonna get her an awesome present and we're gonna have a chill-night with some friends when I'm home from Scotland.

And By The Way!!! I am signed up for driving lessons now! :D I'm gonna the theory lessons next week! I am so super excited! :D

Right now I'm chilling and watching Germany's Next Topmodel. I'm such a sucker for Topmodel and Fashion shows :3

And that was all for now! 

Love & Cupcakes
Pruple ♥