Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sucky Day.

Hi there.

So, today really sucks. I started with a crying fit this morning. I was all stressed out, hadn't slept much and suddenly a lot of my plans seemed to crash. So I ended up sitting in the schools bathroom, just crying my eyes out. This may not seem like a proper reason for crying, but I guess I had just "loaded up" during the last weeks and now it all just came out.

I survived the rest of the school day, without it being that bad... Wasn't really that interesting either.

After school I went to get my fringe cut, just so I can see again, without gettin hair into my eyes... And now it is too short. Not much though (it will probably look fine in a week or two) but I'm in a bad mood and it just irritates me a lot to see my face with a too short fringe. It looks weird.

 Well, I get home... Aaaaand guess what?! I have my period. So guess who'll have her period on Christmas?! Oh yes, ME! The worst part is, I always have extreme pains during my period. Seriously my lower back hurts like shit right now! I have taken my pills against pains in the lower abdomen, but they don't seem to work a well as usual.

Might go to bed early today. I think I need some sleep. And some rest in general.

Love and Cupcakes

Monday, December 20, 2010

Exams over - Holiday here I come! (General Update)

Hi there!

So... TODAY I WROTE MY LAST EXAM! For this semester at least ;)
Most of my exams actually went quite well, but I havn't got all of them back yet... I still havn't got math back, which is my greatest fear. I suck at math D:

Aaand, our school hoodies arrived today! It's biiig and warm and awesome! And I've gotten my name printed on the back :)
I ordered it two sizes too big so it's super comfy to wear ^^;
(Demon eye FTW o.O)

Right now it is snowing like.. A LOT! Maybe I'll get a snow day tomorrow, which would be really awesome. I just hope that we'll still have the last school day.. 'cause I've been baking christmas cookies with at friend, for the brunch with my class. And I would get fat I ate all the cookies by meself xD

Mh, what else...
Yeah, I've just downloaded a lot of music from Rent. I had totally forgotten how awesome music that is. ^__^ Rent is one of my favourite musicals, and listening to the music makes me happeh :3

I still need to buy a few christmas presents. It's a bit of a problem, since I don't really have time for that. but well, I guess I'll get it done somewhen. It seems to work out every year at least ;)

So yeah, all in all it has been a good day, and well, life's going pretty well atm. Awesome!!

Love and Cupcakes

Saturday, December 18, 2010

94 Truths About Me.

Hi There.

I found this Meme-thingie on facebook and thought I would use it for my blog :D

1. last drink: Strawberry Juice
2. last phone call: I think it was my mom ;P 
4. last song heard: (Radio) Oasis - Wonderwall
5. last time cried: I don't really remember. I think it was last month because I was so stressed out because of school.


6. get back with someone you've broken up with: Nope
7. been cheated on: Nope. I don't think so at least.
9. lost someone special: Yeah..
10. been depressed: Mh. Maybe
11. been drunk and threw up: Erhm.. Yes ^^;


12. Red
13. Purple
14. Really Dark Blue


15. made a new friend: I have indeed, several in fact

16. fallen out of love: Well, Yeah..

17. laughed untill cried: Yes :D

18. met someone who has changed you: Yeah.

19. found out who your true friends are: Hm. Yeah, Guess so :) 

20. find out someone was talking about you: Yes, what a surpise.

21. kissed anyone on your facebook friend list: Yes ^^-

22. how many people in your facebook friends page do you know in real life: Almost everyone. And I really want to meet most of them, I don't know irl.

23. how many kids do you want: I really don't know Oo

24. do you have any pets: Nope.

25. do you want to change your name?: I find my name a bit boring, but I don't want to change it.

26. what did you do on your last birthday?: Nothing special

27. what time did you wake up?: My parents woke me up at 10:15 am

28. what were you doing at midnight last night?: I cleaned up my room ;b

29. name something you CANNOT wait for: Christmas

30. last time you saw your brother?: I do not have a brother.

31. what is one thing you wish you could change in your life?: There are many things I would like to change, but I wouldn't do it. That's the point of life, you can't change every mistake you make

33. who is geting on your nerves right now?: Hmm, noone I think

34. most viseted web sites?: Facebook, THE Chat ;D and Youtube

35. what's your real name?: Marie Buhl

36. who's your best friend?: I use to say that Vanessa and Kerrin are my best friends, but I've got others who're just as good friends. It's just that I've known them for a long time, and I don't think anybody know's me as they do.

37. relationship status?: Single

38. zodiac sign: Cancer

39. male or female?: Female

40. elementry school: Jaruplund Danske Skole (1. - 6.)

41. middle school: Duborg-Skolen (7. - 9.) and Eisbjerghus Efterskole (10.)

42. high school/collage: Duborg-Skolen (11. - 13.) (I'm in the 11. grade now)

43. hair color: My natural hair colour is dark brown, but it's coloured black.

44. long or short: Long! But I would love to have it longer

46. do you have a crush on someone? Nope.

48. piercings?: Labret Piercing (Lower Lip) and does earrings count? ^^

49. tatoos?: No, but I would love to have one.

50. righty or lefty?: Righty


51. first surgery: Never had one.
52. first piercing?: My Lower Lip (I don't count earrings as piercings)
53. first best friend: In Kindergarten. Her name was Christina 
54. first sport you joined: gymnastics or swimming.. don't really remember what came first ;)
55. first vacation: Norway
56. first pair of trainers: No idea


57. eating: Cookie Dough 
58. drinking: Strawberry Juice
59. im about to: Make Christmas Cookies
60. listening to: Radio. N-Joy
61. waiting for: Christmas Cookies to be get baked.


62. want kids: Probably
63. get married: Yup
64. career: No idea :D Maybe something with Psychology or Teacher
65. lips or eyes?: Both
66. hugs or kisses?: Mh. Hugs. But both are nice
67. shorter or taller: Taller
68. older or younger: Don't know..
69. romantic or spontaneous?: Both :D
70. nice stomach or nice arms?: Stomach
71. sensitive or loud: ... No Idea XD
72. hook-up or relationship?: I really don't know. I don't think I'm a relationship kind of person.. but mmh..


73. kissed a stranger: Yes
74. drank hard liquor?: Yep
75. lost glasses or contacts?: I don't wear glasses or contacts :D
76. have sex on first date: Nope
77. broken someones heart: Not that I know of.
78. turned someone down: Hmm, Don't think so.
79. cried when someone died?: Yes
80. fallen for a friend: Yep


81. yourself?: Depends on the situation. But mostly yes, I think.
82. love at first sight: No. I think it takes some time to fall in love. But of course you can feel attracted to someone at first sight.
83. heaven: Not Really
84. santa clause: No xD
85. kiss on the first date: Mh. Maybe ;b
86. angels: In my own way, I think.
87. god: Not really. 


88. had more than one girlfrien/boyfriend at the same time?: No.
89. did you sing today: Yes :)
90. ever cheat on someone?: Nope.
91. if you could go back in time: I wouldn't cange anything, but there are several parts of my life that I would like to see again. and I would like to visit some different historical era's :)
92. the moment you would choose to live: Every single one of my life.
93. are you afraid of falling in love?: Mh. Don't know. I'm afraid that I would just fuck it up again. 
94. are you afraid of posting these 94 truths?: No. Why would I do it if I were?!

So that's it :) Now you know a lot of random shit about me ^^;

Love and Cupcakes

Monday, December 13, 2010

Let It Snow.

Hi There.

So this is my second blog entry today ^^; But well, nevermind :)
So today it started snowing again and it was snowing A LOT!
I'll just be posting a few pictures I took in school, when it had only been snowing for two hours. I'm sorry for the crappy quality.

Snowy Schoolyard!

Me and Vanessa in the Snow

Kerrin goes for the snowball fight XD

Brother & Sister in the Snow XD

Kerrin does not approve.

Me in the Snow

Me and Kerrin

If you're gonna watch this video, then turn down the sound on you computer, I'm shrieking 'cause I'm getting chased XD Oh and just ignore the end, I was running away, so you can't see anything. And yeah, the quality is crap! It's because it's filmed with my phone :P

So yeah, that's it ;) We had a lot of fun and we were kinda soaked when we got back to class XD

Love and Cupcakes

P.S. You can enlarge the pictures by clicking them ;) 

All I Want For Christmas.

Hi there.

It's christmas veeery soon :D And so I thought I would post some of my wishes here.
There will be a lot of my christmas wishes that I won't post here(Like Cd's, books and stuff like that), because it'll pobably not be very interesting

(click the pictures to enlarge them)

Isn't it just lovely?! *__*
I have totally fallen in love with this dress from Fanplusfriend.
I love the colours and the whole dress in general.


I've wanted platform boots for a very long time now.

I really like those paltform boots with buckles from Demonia.
The platform is 3¼ inches or 8¼cm and the boots are kneehigh.
I think they are gorgeous : )

Those totally kick ass! I really want some trousers that are not just regular black or blue jeans.
Those are from EMP and I love them.
I think they look waay more awesome than regualar jeans and that they could make an everyday look more unique.

Those are eyeshadows from Make Up Store, which is one of my favourite places to buy makeup. I am almost addicted to makeup and especially eyeshadows, and the stuff from Make Up Store is just in a really good quality and they have great colours. I am not only in love with their eyeshadows, but also with their powders, glitters, little rhinestones, fake eyelashes and all their other makeup products :3

Yes, I want Veronica Varlow as a christmas present ;3
Oh well, I am so in love with most of the stuff from her page Danger Dame, this t-shirt being only one of them. I really want the t-shirts, necklaces and stockings from her page. I am also very in love with the dresses, but I'm not sure they would suit me very well ;)
But Yeah, I love VeVa and I love her shirts. I really like the one in the photo, also because it would show that I'm a proud member of the VKA 8DDD *fanspazz* ehem ^^;

Well, those were some of my christmas wishes and of course there are more, but that's mainly books and Cd's other makeup stuff and I didn't feel like that would be very interesting ^^;

Love and Cupcakes

P.S. I deleted the 'Jealousy' entry, because I wrote it while I was drunk and it was just very exaggerated.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Right Accessories.

Hi there!

I love accessoires, I love buying them and I love to wear them. And so I thought I would post some pictures of my absolute favourites ;) 

Well, lets go! 

So these are my hair bows! 8DD
I just love bows. I have a few more, but I wear those the most!
The red and the black/white dotted ones were presents from my sister. I've bought the others myself.
I especially love the purple and the black/white one with stars. 
I usually wear my bows over a high ponytail. ^^- 

So lets just go on with the hair things and those two darlings *__*
The left  one is a hairclip and I only just got it today. I'm so in love with it! My parents got it for me as an advent present.
The right one is a headband, and I bought it just before the IMM 2010 because I wanted some pretty hair-decoration ;) 
I love the combination of net lace and feathers.

Here we go with my necklaces. 
The one left has 6 keys on it. I wish it would actually be old keys, but it's not. I bought it a few weeks back.
The one in the middle is a tiny pocketwatch with a very long chain. I got it from my sister And I love it so much. It's pretty and it actually looks kinda antique. 
The right one is a little pair of scissors ind a long silverchain. I bought it on a flea market in Berlin.

Those were an advent present from my parents. I think they are absolutely lovely! I wear them all the time. I love the lace in the middle. They are so pretty and they can actually keep my wrists a little warm, which is very nice here in winter! :)
(My fingers look really short in this pic o.o)

So yeah, this was my favourite accossoires. Now I'm finished spamming about my things I own ^^;

Love & Cupcakes