Friday, April 29, 2011

It's All About: Dresses

Ohai Everyone!

I just bought a new dress a few days ago and I thought I'd make a blogentry about dresses.
I love wearing dresses, they make me feel feminine and pretty.

(I'm sorry for webcam quality)

I bought this cute dress a few weeks ago. It's suuuper comfy, since it's the same kind of fabric that's used for t-shirts.
It is kinda short but I don't think it's that bad. I still wear it for everyday use. I can't wait for summer, since I think it's a great summerdress.
It's actually dark blue and red. I know that it looks like it's black in the picture but it's not. Dark Blue! ;b

Bought at: Cyroline

I have posted this picture before :3
This is my favorite dress to wear for everyday. It's very light and I love the colours. It's comfy and and and pretty.

Bought at: H&M

This is my newest dress <3 bought it a few days ago.
It's the first time in years I've bought some kind of clothing that's white o.o and then there's dark blueish flowerprint on it. (I don't think the picture really shows the print). It's not really for everyday but for parties and stuff. It's strapless so I have to find something for my shoulders, but I do have a little bolero thingie. So that'll be fine! :D

Bought at: H&M

Yay, for family shot xD but that's the only picture I actually have, where you can see the dress.
but well. I've had this dress for years... bought it once with my sister. It's a short summery dress with this lovely colourful collarpiece-thingy. I don't know what it's called in english but just look at the picture. (click to enlarge)

Bought at: H&M

Oh yeah, my gothic lolita-ish dress. I got this dress for christmas. It's a bit too big even thuogh it's actually custom made. And I never really have opportunity to wear it actually :(
It's such a beautiful dress though!

Bought at: Fan Plus Friend (online)

So yeah. This is basically all my dresses. (I have two or three more but I don't like them/don't wear them).
I just realized that most of my dresses are from H&M xD Well, their stuff is really good so yeah :3
But well. That's it. ^^

Good Night Everyone.

Love and Cupcakes

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Scotland! ♥

Hello Everyone.

Aaw, my poor neglected blog D: A lot to do, not much to blog about.
But I'm back! :)

So yeah.. Easter was so awesome! As I mentioned earlier I was going to Scotland and it was soo epic!
We were just chilling at Phoe's home most of the time, having fun and doing what we're best at: Being Awesome! :D
It was great to see all those lovely people again (or for a few of them, for the first time) and we had loads of fun. I miss them all already. I am all cuddle deprived xD Really, so many cuddly and huggable people!
I'll just post some pictures to show you some of it.

First of all, a girls shot. ♥

Chilling at a playground :3

Again at the playground ^^ 

Not the best picture of one of our many cuddlepuddles XD

Me and Death ♥ I actually love this picture.

I could post a loooot more pictures, but then this would be a huuuge post. But anywhoo.. Thank you guys for the most awesome times I've had for a loooong time. You are all too awesome! 

Love & Cuddles