Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year!

Hello Everyone
 - and Happy 2011

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and an awesome New Years Eve!
I know I did! :D

 The Day before Christmas my sister and her boyfriend visited us. Christmas Eve was kinda quiet and cosy and stuff. It was only my parents and me, with lots of delicious food xD and presents, oh yaaah *_* Well, I'm not gonna list the presents I got, I'll only mention a two^^;
1. I got the Dress I mentioned a few entries ago!!!! Well, I havn't got it yet. But It's ordered. I'm gonna post pictures when I get it! :)
2. I got tickets for "The Rocky Horror Show" in August. Seriously I can't wait!! :D

Enough about Christmas. Lets go on to New Years Eve. 
I tried to convince my parents to let me go to Sweden and celebrate it with some friends, but they said no.. ):
But well, I celebrated NYE with one of my friends and my parents and it was a really nice night.

So, here's a picture of me and Vanessa (her smile is so cuuute in this picture!)
Aren't the thights awesome? I got them from my sister and I love them.
At this moment we were watching The Danish Queens' New Years Speech. 

And this was at midnight when we firing off fireworks 8D  I love fireworks! It's so much fun.
And yes, I'm wearing sefety goggles, They're not sexy, but I don't care. I appreciate my eyes and I want to keep them!

And now I havn't really been doing anything for the past two day and I kinda enjoy it. It's really relaxing! :3

I havn't made any resolutions for the next year, 'cause I know I won't be able to keep them. But I've started a little project. I want to take a picture every day. Not artistic pictures but I want to take pictures of what makes me happy. Yesterday I took a picture of me and Vanessa eating breakfast together. I don't have a picture for today yet.
I hope that this will help me to look at the bright side of my everyday. I think too many days are passing, where I don't think about the good things in my life.
I might post some of the pictures here when I get a few more :)

So that's it for now.

Love and Cupcakes

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