Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sucky Day.

Hi there.

So, today really sucks. I started with a crying fit this morning. I was all stressed out, hadn't slept much and suddenly a lot of my plans seemed to crash. So I ended up sitting in the schools bathroom, just crying my eyes out. This may not seem like a proper reason for crying, but I guess I had just "loaded up" during the last weeks and now it all just came out.

I survived the rest of the school day, without it being that bad... Wasn't really that interesting either.

After school I went to get my fringe cut, just so I can see again, without gettin hair into my eyes... And now it is too short. Not much though (it will probably look fine in a week or two) but I'm in a bad mood and it just irritates me a lot to see my face with a too short fringe. It looks weird.

 Well, I get home... Aaaaand guess what?! I have my period. So guess who'll have her period on Christmas?! Oh yes, ME! The worst part is, I always have extreme pains during my period. Seriously my lower back hurts like shit right now! I have taken my pills against pains in the lower abdomen, but they don't seem to work a well as usual.

Might go to bed early today. I think I need some sleep. And some rest in general.

Love and Cupcakes

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