Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Right Accessories.

Hi there!

I love accessoires, I love buying them and I love to wear them. And so I thought I would post some pictures of my absolute favourites ;) 

Well, lets go! 

So these are my hair bows! 8DD
I just love bows. I have a few more, but I wear those the most!
The red and the black/white dotted ones were presents from my sister. I've bought the others myself.
I especially love the purple and the black/white one with stars. 
I usually wear my bows over a high ponytail. ^^- 

So lets just go on with the hair things and those two darlings *__*
The left  one is a hairclip and I only just got it today. I'm so in love with it! My parents got it for me as an advent present.
The right one is a headband, and I bought it just before the IMM 2010 because I wanted some pretty hair-decoration ;) 
I love the combination of net lace and feathers.

Here we go with my necklaces. 
The one left has 6 keys on it. I wish it would actually be old keys, but it's not. I bought it a few weeks back.
The one in the middle is a tiny pocketwatch with a very long chain. I got it from my sister And I love it so much. It's pretty and it actually looks kinda antique. 
The right one is a little pair of scissors ind a long silverchain. I bought it on a flea market in Berlin.

Those were an advent present from my parents. I think they are absolutely lovely! I wear them all the time. I love the lace in the middle. They are so pretty and they can actually keep my wrists a little warm, which is very nice here in winter! :)
(My fingers look really short in this pic o.o)

So yeah, this was my favourite accossoires. Now I'm finished spamming about my things I own ^^;

Love & Cupcakes

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  1. Hi.I just came across your blog and I love it.You are so so creative!
    Thanks for the inspiration,I became a follower!