Monday, December 13, 2010

All I Want For Christmas.

Hi there.

It's christmas veeery soon :D And so I thought I would post some of my wishes here.
There will be a lot of my christmas wishes that I won't post here(Like Cd's, books and stuff like that), because it'll pobably not be very interesting

(click the pictures to enlarge them)

Isn't it just lovely?! *__*
I have totally fallen in love with this dress from Fanplusfriend.
I love the colours and the whole dress in general.


I've wanted platform boots for a very long time now.

I really like those paltform boots with buckles from Demonia.
The platform is 3¼ inches or 8¼cm and the boots are kneehigh.
I think they are gorgeous : )

Those totally kick ass! I really want some trousers that are not just regular black or blue jeans.
Those are from EMP and I love them.
I think they look waay more awesome than regualar jeans and that they could make an everyday look more unique.

Those are eyeshadows from Make Up Store, which is one of my favourite places to buy makeup. I am almost addicted to makeup and especially eyeshadows, and the stuff from Make Up Store is just in a really good quality and they have great colours. I am not only in love with their eyeshadows, but also with their powders, glitters, little rhinestones, fake eyelashes and all their other makeup products :3

Yes, I want Veronica Varlow as a christmas present ;3
Oh well, I am so in love with most of the stuff from her page Danger Dame, this t-shirt being only one of them. I really want the t-shirts, necklaces and stockings from her page. I am also very in love with the dresses, but I'm not sure they would suit me very well ;)
But Yeah, I love VeVa and I love her shirts. I really like the one in the photo, also because it would show that I'm a proud member of the VKA 8DDD *fanspazz* ehem ^^;

Well, those were some of my christmas wishes and of course there are more, but that's mainly books and Cd's other makeup stuff and I didn't feel like that would be very interesting ^^;

Love and Cupcakes

P.S. I deleted the 'Jealousy' entry, because I wrote it while I was drunk and it was just very exaggerated.

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