Saturday, December 18, 2010

94 Truths About Me.

Hi There.

I found this Meme-thingie on facebook and thought I would use it for my blog :D

1. last drink: Strawberry Juice
2. last phone call: I think it was my mom ;P 
4. last song heard: (Radio) Oasis - Wonderwall
5. last time cried: I don't really remember. I think it was last month because I was so stressed out because of school.


6. get back with someone you've broken up with: Nope
7. been cheated on: Nope. I don't think so at least.
9. lost someone special: Yeah..
10. been depressed: Mh. Maybe
11. been drunk and threw up: Erhm.. Yes ^^;


12. Red
13. Purple
14. Really Dark Blue


15. made a new friend: I have indeed, several in fact

16. fallen out of love: Well, Yeah..

17. laughed untill cried: Yes :D

18. met someone who has changed you: Yeah.

19. found out who your true friends are: Hm. Yeah, Guess so :) 

20. find out someone was talking about you: Yes, what a surpise.

21. kissed anyone on your facebook friend list: Yes ^^-

22. how many people in your facebook friends page do you know in real life: Almost everyone. And I really want to meet most of them, I don't know irl.

23. how many kids do you want: I really don't know Oo

24. do you have any pets: Nope.

25. do you want to change your name?: I find my name a bit boring, but I don't want to change it.

26. what did you do on your last birthday?: Nothing special

27. what time did you wake up?: My parents woke me up at 10:15 am

28. what were you doing at midnight last night?: I cleaned up my room ;b

29. name something you CANNOT wait for: Christmas

30. last time you saw your brother?: I do not have a brother.

31. what is one thing you wish you could change in your life?: There are many things I would like to change, but I wouldn't do it. That's the point of life, you can't change every mistake you make

33. who is geting on your nerves right now?: Hmm, noone I think

34. most viseted web sites?: Facebook, THE Chat ;D and Youtube

35. what's your real name?: Marie Buhl

36. who's your best friend?: I use to say that Vanessa and Kerrin are my best friends, but I've got others who're just as good friends. It's just that I've known them for a long time, and I don't think anybody know's me as they do.

37. relationship status?: Single

38. zodiac sign: Cancer

39. male or female?: Female

40. elementry school: Jaruplund Danske Skole (1. - 6.)

41. middle school: Duborg-Skolen (7. - 9.) and Eisbjerghus Efterskole (10.)

42. high school/collage: Duborg-Skolen (11. - 13.) (I'm in the 11. grade now)

43. hair color: My natural hair colour is dark brown, but it's coloured black.

44. long or short: Long! But I would love to have it longer

46. do you have a crush on someone? Nope.

48. piercings?: Labret Piercing (Lower Lip) and does earrings count? ^^

49. tatoos?: No, but I would love to have one.

50. righty or lefty?: Righty


51. first surgery: Never had one.
52. first piercing?: My Lower Lip (I don't count earrings as piercings)
53. first best friend: In Kindergarten. Her name was Christina 
54. first sport you joined: gymnastics or swimming.. don't really remember what came first ;)
55. first vacation: Norway
56. first pair of trainers: No idea


57. eating: Cookie Dough 
58. drinking: Strawberry Juice
59. im about to: Make Christmas Cookies
60. listening to: Radio. N-Joy
61. waiting for: Christmas Cookies to be get baked.


62. want kids: Probably
63. get married: Yup
64. career: No idea :D Maybe something with Psychology or Teacher
65. lips or eyes?: Both
66. hugs or kisses?: Mh. Hugs. But both are nice
67. shorter or taller: Taller
68. older or younger: Don't know..
69. romantic or spontaneous?: Both :D
70. nice stomach or nice arms?: Stomach
71. sensitive or loud: ... No Idea XD
72. hook-up or relationship?: I really don't know. I don't think I'm a relationship kind of person.. but mmh..


73. kissed a stranger: Yes
74. drank hard liquor?: Yep
75. lost glasses or contacts?: I don't wear glasses or contacts :D
76. have sex on first date: Nope
77. broken someones heart: Not that I know of.
78. turned someone down: Hmm, Don't think so.
79. cried when someone died?: Yes
80. fallen for a friend: Yep


81. yourself?: Depends on the situation. But mostly yes, I think.
82. love at first sight: No. I think it takes some time to fall in love. But of course you can feel attracted to someone at first sight.
83. heaven: Not Really
84. santa clause: No xD
85. kiss on the first date: Mh. Maybe ;b
86. angels: In my own way, I think.
87. god: Not really. 


88. had more than one girlfrien/boyfriend at the same time?: No.
89. did you sing today: Yes :)
90. ever cheat on someone?: Nope.
91. if you could go back in time: I wouldn't cange anything, but there are several parts of my life that I would like to see again. and I would like to visit some different historical era's :)
92. the moment you would choose to live: Every single one of my life.
93. are you afraid of falling in love?: Mh. Don't know. I'm afraid that I would just fuck it up again. 
94. are you afraid of posting these 94 truths?: No. Why would I do it if I were?!

So that's it :) Now you know a lot of random shit about me ^^;

Love and Cupcakes

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