Monday, December 20, 2010

Exams over - Holiday here I come! (General Update)

Hi there!

So... TODAY I WROTE MY LAST EXAM! For this semester at least ;)
Most of my exams actually went quite well, but I havn't got all of them back yet... I still havn't got math back, which is my greatest fear. I suck at math D:

Aaand, our school hoodies arrived today! It's biiig and warm and awesome! And I've gotten my name printed on the back :)
I ordered it two sizes too big so it's super comfy to wear ^^;
(Demon eye FTW o.O)

Right now it is snowing like.. A LOT! Maybe I'll get a snow day tomorrow, which would be really awesome. I just hope that we'll still have the last school day.. 'cause I've been baking christmas cookies with at friend, for the brunch with my class. And I would get fat I ate all the cookies by meself xD

Mh, what else...
Yeah, I've just downloaded a lot of music from Rent. I had totally forgotten how awesome music that is. ^__^ Rent is one of my favourite musicals, and listening to the music makes me happeh :3

I still need to buy a few christmas presents. It's a bit of a problem, since I don't really have time for that. but well, I guess I'll get it done somewhen. It seems to work out every year at least ;)

So yeah, all in all it has been a good day, and well, life's going pretty well atm. Awesome!!

Love and Cupcakes

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