Monday, December 13, 2010

Let It Snow.

Hi There.

So this is my second blog entry today ^^; But well, nevermind :)
So today it started snowing again and it was snowing A LOT!
I'll just be posting a few pictures I took in school, when it had only been snowing for two hours. I'm sorry for the crappy quality.

Snowy Schoolyard!

Me and Vanessa in the Snow

Kerrin goes for the snowball fight XD

Brother & Sister in the Snow XD

Kerrin does not approve.

Me in the Snow

Me and Kerrin

If you're gonna watch this video, then turn down the sound on you computer, I'm shrieking 'cause I'm getting chased XD Oh and just ignore the end, I was running away, so you can't see anything. And yeah, the quality is crap! It's because it's filmed with my phone :P

So yeah, that's it ;) We had a lot of fun and we were kinda soaked when we got back to class XD

Love and Cupcakes

P.S. You can enlarge the pictures by clicking them ;) 

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