Thursday, April 28, 2011

Scotland! ♥

Hello Everyone.

Aaw, my poor neglected blog D: A lot to do, not much to blog about.
But I'm back! :)

So yeah.. Easter was so awesome! As I mentioned earlier I was going to Scotland and it was soo epic!
We were just chilling at Phoe's home most of the time, having fun and doing what we're best at: Being Awesome! :D
It was great to see all those lovely people again (or for a few of them, for the first time) and we had loads of fun. I miss them all already. I am all cuddle deprived xD Really, so many cuddly and huggable people!
I'll just post some pictures to show you some of it.

First of all, a girls shot. ♥

Chilling at a playground :3

Again at the playground ^^ 

Not the best picture of one of our many cuddlepuddles XD

Me and Death ♥ I actually love this picture.

I could post a loooot more pictures, but then this would be a huuuge post. But anywhoo.. Thank you guys for the most awesome times I've had for a loooong time. You are all too awesome! 

Love & Cuddles

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