Thursday, March 31, 2011

School, New Lipstick and Travelling!

Ohai There.

Okay, I know I've been neglecting my blog a lot lately, but I don't feel like I've got anything to blog about D: 
But eh, I'll just give you an Update about what's been going on lately. 
School has really been killing me lately. As some of you might know we don't have any breaks between christmas holiday and easter so I'm growing pretty tired of the school routine now. And not only me, but also the rest of my class and a lot of my teachers. Which means I'm often going to school just to have boring lessons with unmotivated teachers and I keep wondering why I'm there at all. 
And there's exams again... I already got some of them back. (Top point is 15) Danish: 14, English: 13, Math: 6 and our Science Project: 8. All in All I'm pretty happy with the grades. Today I wrote music exam and I think it went well :) 
Still have Biology, Chemistry, Sociology and the second English exam to go. Bio and Chem before easter and the others in May. 

And I've been expanding network of friends lately. I've started spending a lot of time with a group of people from the graduating class from my school. It's really a shame that I've first started spending time with them now, that they're leaving after the summer holidays. But we've got so much fun and good times together that right now I'm just enjoying the time they're still here :)

Today has been a both boring and all in all not very good day. And the best thing when you're feeling worn out and down (at least to me) is to pamper yourself with buying something you've wanted for a long time. It makes me feel good and like I've "accomplished" something. Silly and kinda Materialistic yeah. But whatever it makes me feel good ;b
So today I bought a lipstick that I've wanted for a long time. You probably already know that I've got a huuugee amount of make up for especially eyes. Eyeshadows, eyeliners, glitters etc. But I only have two lipsticks, one very bright red and one black, that I only use for dressup. 
So today a bought a lipstick that I've wanted for a looong time. I had the tester of it and I'm sooo in love with it. It's from Shiseido's collection Shimmering Rouge and the lipstick is called Iron Maiden (RS 308) 
And here it is:
Ain't it just lovely? ♥

And now to the Travelling part! :D 
So, tomorrow I'm going to Copenhagen to one of my very good friends' 18th birthday :D YaY. It's gonna be so awesome. And I love being in Copenhagen. It's such a lovely city!
Next weekend I'm going to Århus to one of my other very good friends' 18th birthday :D More YaY. I havn't seen her for ages so it's gonna be so great to see her again :3
Aaaand then... I'll be going to Scotland! To SURPISE another friends' 18th birthday xDD  Yay for a lot of 18th birthdays :b But the great part about going to Scotland is that I'll meet a lot of my international friends. It's gonna be great! 

Oh and now that we're are at the birthday's then my best friend is turning 17 in a few weeks. While I'm in Scotland. Which is shit. ): But I'm gonna get her an awesome present and we're gonna have a chill-night with some friends when I'm home from Scotland.

And By The Way!!! I am signed up for driving lessons now! :D I'm gonna the theory lessons next week! I am so super excited! :D

Right now I'm chilling and watching Germany's Next Topmodel. I'm such a sucker for Topmodel and Fashion shows :3

And that was all for now! 

Love & Cupcakes
Pruple ♥

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