Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's All About: Make Up

Hi There.

So as you might know I love make up! I have a ridiculous amount of makeup and I love buying new make up supplies :)

Yeah this was my make up collection about half a year ago.. I've bought more since xD

The palette is the Manly 120 Eyeshadows Palette, available on eBay for about 20$. I really like it, the colour stays on very nice and there are some really great colours too. There are some really nice bright neon colours,  a lots of different shades of each colour and two really nice deep blacks. 
The two smaller palettes on the right (the pink/purple and the blue/turquoise/green ones) are from Claire's, they were pretty cheap and the coulour stays on surprisingly good. 
I buy most of my makeup at drugstores actually, but I have one eyeshadow from MAC and several items from Make Up Store. 
My favourite make up brands are ArtDeco and Make Up Store. I think ArtDeco is a german brand, but their products are very good. Make Up Store is a swedish brand but they've got 160 stores in 22 countries and their products are amazing, colourful and of really good quality. And they also sell glitters/rhinestones, fragrances, fabulous fake lashes and much more. I can really recommend it.

And now, some of my make up creations ;)
(click the pictures to enlarge)

 A blue everyday make up, all the colours from the Manly palette.

 Yeah I actually wear makeup like this to school xD eyeshadows from the Claire's palettes. It alway reminds me of this. (I know I look extremely tired but this was early in the morning)

I had seen a lot of people doing make ups like this and it got me inspired. Colours from the Manly palette. I'm sorry for the crappy phone quality, the colours are actually a lot brighter.

Emilie Autumn inspired make up. Eyeshadows from ArtDeco and the Manly palette, felt tip eyeliner from ArtDeco.

My AdoraBatBrat inspired makeup. Cake Eyeliner and white eyeshadow from Make Up Store.

lol yeah^^; a kitty cat makeup ;) Gel Liner from ArtDeco and a random black halloween lipstick.

And That's it.
Thanks for now.

Love & Cupcakes

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  1. Du er super dygtig.. Ville gerne snuppe alt dit makeup ;)