Monday, June 20, 2011

Hair Changes!

Hey There :3

So I thought I'd do an update about my hair and the different cuts and colours I've had :b Enjoy!

(click the pictures to enlarge them)

First of all my natural haircolour is a darkish brown (picture), and my hair used to be really healthy but I didn't really have any interesting cut at all.. just long hair with a parting in the middle, no fringe, layers or anything. So, pretty boring. :b

I decided to dye my hair for the first time when I was 14. I was in some weird wannabe emo like phase and decided that black hair, sideparting and sidefringe would be awesome ;) I loved it back then, but today I think it looks a bit weird since I had no volume at all in my hair, so my hair was just completely flat! But well ^^- Kept that hairstyle for a long time!!

Then after some time I got tired of the only black and decided to get red streaks in it, just to add some colour. I didn't want to get completely rid of the black, but I thought that a little colour would be nice. I REALLY liked how it turned out but the red bleached out incredibly fast and ended up being some weird blonde/carrotcolour that looked rather stupid.

Then I went back to the only black, with same hairstyle for quite some time again. Then I started watching Navy CIS and I completely fell in love with Abby's Hair ♥ and decided I wanted a straight fringe as well and I loved the result!

Had that for a bit more than half a year then went back to side fringe and then back to the straight fringe again. I like to change between those two after about half a year. When I grow tired of it and want change. I think both styles suit me and I like to have those two styles to change between.

And theeeen I grew tired of le black again^^ and decided to start dyeing a Reddish/Purpleish Colour, but I did not want to bleach, because I'm afraid to ruin my hair more than necessary so the dye would only hold on to my roots. So for the past few months I've dyed my hair that colour three times so the upper part of my hair has a reddish colour while the rest is stil more or less black. I don't think it looks that bad actually it's just a bit odd change in the colour ^^-
(picture is from after the first time of dyeing so it's more hair that's red now)

And right atm I'm growing out my straight fringe again. I always hate that process when the hair reaches annoying lenghts and  just generally is in you eyes all the time. But as long as you stock up on hairbands and pins it'll be fine :b Atm my fringe is just around the tip of my nose, I havn't cut it for about two months. And it has finally reached a length where I can do 'the sidesweep' without it looking completely ridiculous, but it's still cut like a straight fringe so it looks very 'heavy'

And now I'll try to get an appointment at the hairdresser somewhen next week. Changes to be done: Get my fringe cut to a side fringe again and dye it blue. Yes, I want blue hair and I've wanted for ages!! Not a bright blue but a beautiful dark blue and I have finally found a hairdresser here in town where they have all haircolours, which is awesome! I hope it'll turn out good and I'll keep you updated :)

And that's it. Hope you liked this post even though it turned out pretty long.

Love & Cupcakes
Purple ♥


  1. That's pretty similar to my hairstory :D I had a really bland mousy hair with no shape or volume. I think at 5th grade (age 11) I first dyed it red. It was red for some time, but then as I got to my teen emo phase I wanted - of course - to dye it black. But first mom only let me dye it dark brown, but then I gradually changed it to black. Also enter long straight fringe that was on the eyes all the time. And lo and behold, after a few years I got sick of the black and decided I wanted red hair :D And like you I didn't want to kill my hair with bleach so I only bleached my fringe (by a hairdresser) and just started dyeing my root growth red as it grew. Took me 2 years to get it completely red and now I'm pondering what I want to do with it next :D I'm thinking I want either orange or turquoise hair, but since both are a pain to keep looking good so I dunno... Maybe dark brown again... or perhaps blonde... :P Who knows!

  2. I still love my natural color (brown). I'm more of what you'd call a Classy Goth -- and even given some days -- cross over with the metal subculture and such. I might dye it black, but I don't want to be confused as an emo due to my short hair (it's a Mohawk). Purple is what I'm debating right now .. not sure if it will be PURPLE PURPLE (need to bleach, then dye) or just purple over the brown.

  3. Stainy: Yeah, that's actually pretty similar :DD I'm sure you'd rock the orange hair!! Turquoise would be VERY different but it could look good as well :3 dark brown would sure be fine too, but I'd go for the orange if I was you.. I think it'd look awesome on you :D xx

    Tenebris In Lux: I've wanted purple hair as well and on of my friends had it for some time. the thing about purple is that when it starts bleaching out it starts looking grey. But I think purple hair looks amazing. It rocks! xx