Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Half Year Resolutions!

Hey There!

So I've made some Half Year Resolutions! I know usually you make New Years Resolutions... but I never seem to be able to keep them ><
But today I've made some Half Year Resolutions for me and I don't want to try to keep them the rest of the year but first of all until after the summerholidays!

1. - Eat Healthier/Start Losing Weight Again!
Yeees, I know this is the typical one... But yeah.. I had started losing a lot of weight and was really happy with it but it kinda stopped and my weight is slowly starting to go in the wrong direction again ): but now I'm starting a cabbagesoup-diet (right words?). Just to get my tummy used to eating less again, since I can eat an awful lot XD yeah that's what I'm gonna do for two weeks now. in the first week I'll eat the soup instead of another meal a day and next week I'll only eat the soup.. and after that I'll go back to my old diet where I still eat everything I want, only less of it. That's the diet that works for me, I've used it before and lost a lot of weight that way, though I'm sure it won't work for everyone. (All this plus I'm exercising, so I've got my hopes up XD)
And no, I don't want to be skinny or something, just loose some wieght to get healthier, also because I'm still overweight and I'd like to loose a bit more weight just to feel more comfortable with myself. And eating healthy is always a good thing! :D

2. - Start Being More Serious About School!
I know I said this was only until after the summer holidays but this is a general problem for me. I'm lazy as fuck when it comes to school things... >< but I'll have to change that next year, because most part of my grades might not be bad... but there are three subjects (Math, Biology, Chemistry) that I really suck in and where my grades are very low, so I'll have to shape up and get the grades better if I want to graduate in two years. The next two years will count in my graduation diploma so I'll have to get the grades at least a bit better. But enough about this!

3. - Find A Sport I Want To Do Regularly!
I have thought of bellydancing! Wanted to for aaages! :D and I'm doing yoga at the moment, but the course is over in two weeks, might should find another course to keep it up, 'cause I actually like it. And I am running a few times a week so it's just as much for the fun of it :D

4. - Learn To Sew!
I REALLY want to learn how to sew! At least the basic stuff so I can add my own alterations to my clothes. Since there aren't many stores around here where I can actually get the kind of clothes I'd like to wear it'd be a lot cheaper to learn to alter my clothes into something I'd like to wear instead of only buying stuff over the internet. So either I'll have to put myself infront of our sewing maching and just try myself or I'll look for a course. I know where to find one in my city so that's not the problem, but I'll have to see about that :D

And that's it!! I hope I'll be able to keep these resolutions, I really do!!

Love & Cupcakes (or Cabbagesoup?)

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  1. Good luck! The easiest way to learn how to sew is to make a few simple things from scratch, working from a pattern, then a few more difficult things from a pattern, and then you kinda know where most things should go and all the basic techniques and you can basically make it up as you go along ;D