Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Update

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Hi There!

There's not much going on at the moment to be honest. We're having a project week at school... about yeast. I tell you it's boring!! We've made two experiments/tests (Which one to use here?) Where we've been doing such interesting things as counting bubbles and watching graphs. We have three different teachers for this week; our chemistry teacher, our math teacher and our biology teacher. All the subjects I really suck in. Yay.
And our math teacher and our biology teacher are actually okay. At least they manage to help me understand what the hell I'm doing, but our chemistry teacher is really no help at all. He just confuses me (and the whole class) even more. Really. Noone in the class likes him. But well, lets see how it will turn out.
I have to hand in an assignment about yeast monday in two weeks. Good that we've got some extra time for the assignment. I'll need it ;b

In the weekend I'll go shopping with my sister!! :D My sister really means everything to me and about a month ago she moved in with her boyfriend so she now lives half an hour away from me. Before that she lived in Copenhagen, which is 3½ hours away with train, so I'm happy!! So she'll pick me up saturday morning and then we'll go to Kolding which is a city about an hour away where they have a big shopping center and then will spend some hours there! I'm so happy. It may not be that long since I've last seen her but it's a long time ago since it was only us doing something together.. so yeah, can't wait! 8D

Also, it's not completely dark anymore when I go to school in the morning! Which means it'll soon be spring! :D I know I'm a bit early but I really miss the sun. The darkness all the time is almost getting me depressed. I miss the sun on my face. I wanna be able to wear a t-shirt outside without having to wear cardigans and jackets over it to keep warm. I'll probably have to wait some time for that to happen but that it's not as black as night when I go to school already makes it a lot better :D

Oh and also!! Why havn't I mentioned it here already? I'm going to SCOTLAND for some days in the easter holidays :) I'm going to see a lot of friends that I havn't seen for a long time. I'm sooo excited! I have missed these people a lot. It's actually an 18th birthday party that has also somehow turned into a meet-up. It's gonna be epic, I'm sure. Also I've missed travelling. And I've never really been travelling on my own so I'm sure the travel over there is also gonna be somehow interesting xD I usually hava a good sense of orientation but somehow also have a talent for getting lost, weird combination I know. But I'm sure it'll work out fine :)

That's it for now.

Love & Cupcakes

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