Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hi There!

Okay, I told you I was going to Kolding with my sister to do some shopping, and I ended up buying a lot more than planned. But I'm very happy with everything I bought, so now I'll show you what I got. :)

(click the pictures to enlarge)

I ended up buying seven bottles of nail polish. I actually don't wear nail polish that often but somehow I've got a huuge collection (28 bottles), and I always love buying new ones. Plus those were really not very expensive, so I just had to buy them. I already have a few nail polishes from Depend and they are really good, I also like that you get them in small bottles. The right one is a top coat polish. The other ones are from Flying A which should be a pretty good brand, but I've never tried them before.

I actually didn't know they had a Make Up Store in Kolding, so that was a great surprise. I love Make Up Stores products and I've wanted a cake liner for a long time now, so of course I had to buy one and then I also bought that very thin eyeliner brush. I tell you it draws really well, so be prepared for weird eyeliner experiments ;D

Now look at these pretty black pumps. I think they are sooo pretty and they were really and it was a real bargain (100dkr instead fo 300dkr!!). They are about 7cm(~2,5inches). I love that they are not that high, so  would actually be able to wear them a whole evening and even though they are very simple they're really pretty.

And then I bought a complete new outfit. I really like the cute red/black dress and I'm sure it'll be great in summer. It's a long time since I last had a dress that I can actually wear for everyday :) The black blazer is really awesome too and it has pockets!!! That are not stitched up. Okay that's might a weird thing to be happy over, but all of my cardigans doesn't have pockets and that gets really annoying when I wear skirts XD and yes the leggins are new too, but they are not that special. Just regular black leggings. :3

And that was all! I'm very happy with everything I bought and I'm sure I can use all of it. And plus I had an absolutely gread day with my sister. We had a lot to talk about and had a lot of fun. I'm sure we'll repeat it sometime again.

Love & Cupcakes

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