Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 5 - Favourite Youtube Make Up Channels!!

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First of all, I HAVE 10 FOLLOWERS! 8DDD I know it's not really a lot.. but it makes me happeh ^_^

okay no vlogging. 'cause I suck and have decision difficulties >< xD but I feel motivated to update now, and it's gonna be about my favourite youtube make up channels :D

I have learned a lot (almost everything) of my knowledge about make up on youtube. And I think that I'm kinda good with make up. See, you can learn something from the internet! ;Dn So now, I'm going to post my 5 favourite make up channels, with link to their channel + one of their videos (so you can get an idea of what kind of makeup they are doing.)

Here we go, here's my top 5:

A guy that applies makeup, what a start ;)  But petrilude (aka Josh) is a real wonder with make up. He's a drag queen and he has some tutorials on drag make up, but also a big variety of other make up tutorials, that often work very well for parties and clubbing. There are also videos about skincare, brushes, wigs, false lashes, etc. And he also has lot of halloween makeups that are absolutely great! Really they are so kickass awesome! :D 
The video I'll post from him is one of his drag tutorials, which, in my opinion, is sooo lovely! Check it out:
P.S. He also has some really great giveaways from time to time ;)

I found this lovely make up artist on deviantArt, where she posted pictures of her make up, and from there I found her youtube channel. Unfortunately she only has a few videos and she hasn't updated for quite a long time (exactly a year today, I just realised^^) but her makeup is really eyecatching. If you want to see more of her makeup then I would really recommend visiting her deviantArt gallery. She is truly amazing. I found her because an Emilie Autumn inspired look, that looks seriously good. She also has some great make up with drawings of Tim Burton films around her eye. But enough about her dA. Here's the video from youtube:

Michelle Phan is probably one of the most known make up artists on Youtube. She has a lot of different make up tutorials, including everything from very basic and simple and light make ups to make up for dress up. She also has a lot of videos about skincare, facial masks and face cleaning. Lately she has added two more persons to her channel; Chriselle for fashion and Krista for hair tutorials. They both do very good videos but I still like Michelle's the most :) 
Here's one of her tutorials:

Ashley has a lot of beautiful make up tutorials. I love her style and she has tutorials for both pin up and futuristic make up, and a lot in between ;)I found her when I was looking for a make up tutorial on Amber Sweet from Repo! The Genetic Opera and then her tutorial showed up. I think her tutorials are very inspiring. She also has a few hair tutorials.

Last but definitely not least is the lovely Adora! I love her channel so much. Unfortunately she only has a very few (but gorgeous) make up tutorials, but still there is a lot of other great stuff on her channel! Adora is a Swedish model and a great make up artist too! 

And that's it. My Top 5!

I'll recommend you another youtuber, that doesn't do makeup tutorials but still is absolutely great!

Rockabillie a.k.a Cira Las Vegas, is an extremely beautiful and very talented youtuber. She comes from Germany and is a tattoo artist. She has the most beautiful style and an amazing singing voice. Her channel contains music/covers, some artwork, Vlogs and hair tutorials. She has a really beautiful voice and she plays guitar herself.

Her hair tutorials are really great too, and she has a tutorial on sugar skull/Dia de los Muertos make up that is  so amazing. But, if you like pin up hair then go check out her tutorials, 'cause they are really worth it. :)

Oaky that's really everything now :) hope you liked it and that there might be someone who you want to subscribe to! 

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  1. Oooh, I really like Petrilude too :D I think it's so hilarious that the only makeup channel I'm subscribed to is a guy's xD But he's brilliant all the same! :D His halloween tutorials kick ass as well!

  2. Yes, I really love his tutorials! :) I almost think it's unfair that he's a guy and better at applying makeup than I am ;)